Senior position in Systems Engineering/Programming/Technical Analysis utilizing in-depth and diverse experiences to successfully analyze, support, and manage organizational information systems





Systems Programmer of 25 plus years with extensive experience installing, upgrading, and supporting computer systems, software, hardware, and networks, including problem diagnosis and resolution


·         Roles:  Systems Programmer/Engineer, Technical Analyst, Programmer Analyst, Operations Analyst

·         Hardware:   IBM 360/43xx/ES9000 series/z8xx/z9xx/e-Servers, 3270 Terminals, PCs

·         Mainframe:  Assembler, COBOL, JCL, REXX, TSO, CLISTS, Candle, Cincom, LRS, ASG, BMC, CA, Mackinney Systems, CompuWare, Innovation, CICS, OS/390, SMP/E, VSAM, ISPF, DFSMS/MVS

·         Network:  LU62 Interfaces, VTAM/NCP, OSI, Token Ring, TCP/IP

·         PC:  Microsoft DOS/Windows/Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project)

·         Security Level: TOP SECRET Clearance - Last used in 1988





First Data Corporation                                                                                                             2015 to Present

Omaha, Nebraska


A global payment technology solutions company and the #1 merchant acquirer providing credit card processing services for small/large businesses as well as national and global financial institutions.


Systems Engineer

Supported MQ (Message Queuing) involved with the processing of billions of financial transactions.

  • Responded to and resolved issues from clients and First Data command center with goals of high availability and minimizing delays with processing of financial transactions.
  • Improved efficiencies in MQ daily operations and responses to issues by using available programming languages and products to create regular and consistent backups, statistical collections and reports, and easy to use tools to aid routine work and troubleshooting.
  • Created new MQ Queue Managers adding to those available by almost 50% and documented this and other implemented processes for regular and easy reference.



Infocrossing, Inc. (now Wipro, Ltd.)                                                                                       2007 to 2015

Omaha, Nebraska


A leader in Selective IT Outsourcing Solutions with services designed to provide customers with the ability to strategically outsource non-core IT operations and IT-driven business processes to reduce costs and improve performance – without the risk or loss of control associated with wholesale outsourcing engagements.


Senior Systems Programmer

Responded to and resolved system software issues from clients and Infocrossing operations with goals of minimizing negative impact to clients, maximizing client system availability, and eliminating on-calls and interruptions for staff system programmers.

  • Responded to problem calls from Help Desk, Infocrossing operations, or other Infocrossing teams.
  • Researched reported issue to determine cause and best circumvention and/or resolution, enlisting resources from other Infocrossing teams and customer, as required, providing the best response possible.
  • Took actions to implement circumvention and/or resolution and verified results.
  • Communicated to appropriate customer and Infocrossing personnel the status of issues at intervals during resolution processing.
  • Maintained documentation of issue causes, actions, and resolutions in the Infocrossing problem tracking system.
  • Processed configuration changes of processors and equipment to meet requirements of customers and Infocrossing.
  • Maintained list of vendor software used by customers requiring product enablement codes, documented means and method of applying the codes, and expiration data on the products.  Applied code updates as necessary to keep products functional. 
  • Aided and assisted other Infocrossing teams, as required, to support them and Infocrossing clients.


Gordmans (Contracted via Bass & Associates)                                                                  2007

Omaha, Nebraska


GORDMANS: A nearly 100 year old, retail merchandise business that takes great pride in delighting its guests with big savings on name brands in fun, easy-to-shop department stores, spanning 15 states and 60+ locations. 

BASS & ASSOCIATES: An award-winning service organization, customer focused and committed to providing quality information technology consulting, as well as the utmost professional service, employing the best possible talent the industry has to offer from consultants and support staff.


Technical Consultant

Installed and configured CICS socket interface software options capable of providing a TCP/IP Socket solution to distributed network communications.  Successfully designed, coded, and readied for initial testing a socket interface program capable of supporting advanced peer-to-peer communications between department store registers and CICS credit, debit, checking, and other financial transaction processes.  This new interface replaces outdated and unsupported legacy processes and hardware, allowing Gordmans to reduce costs and maintenance. 


City Hall, New Orleans (Sub-Contracted to CIBER, Inc.)                                      2005 to 2006

New Orleans, Louisiana


CIBER: A pure-play international system integration consultancy with superior value-priced services for both private and government sector clients


Systems Programmer/Engineer Consultant

Provided disaster recovery following hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Enabled the City of New Orleans to never miss a payroll in the post Katrina environment.  Successfully migrated mainframe systems off of an IBM 9672 in California to an IBM e-Server 1246 in New Orleans City Hall, executing OS/390 on top of T3 Technologies’ FlexES operating system which in turn executes on top of UNIX, with an overall savings of many tens of thousands of dollars in license and lease fees.  Supported various products including CICS, Zeke, Zebb, CA-1, VPS and DRS, as well as various hardware configurations of local and remote terminals and printers via an IBM front end processor and an assortment of IBM controllers.



Cessna Aircraft (Sub-Contracted to Computer Science Corporation)                   2004 to 2005

Wichita, Kansas


CESSNA: An innovative manufacturer of personal and business aircraft for more than 70 years

CSC: Provider of integrated, results-oriented services across geographies, industries and solutions


Systems Programmer Consultant

Responsible for the installation, upgrade, maintenance, tuning and support of OS/390 platform based CICS Transaction Server version 1.3 systems on IBM mainframes.  Supported 15 CICS regions on 2 MVS images.  Provided support for numerous third party software products, some CICS based, some MVS based (AbendAid, VPS/DRS, SmartTest, View Direct, Panvalet, JCLCHECK).



(i)Structure, LLC (now Infocrossing, Inc.)                                                                        1995 to 2004

Omaha, Nebraska


An IT Infrastructure Outsourcer delivering in cost saving methods, highly reliable and secure cutting-edge technology solutions to customers in a wide range of industries across multiple platforms, including S/390


Systems Programmer/Technical Analyst

Responsible for the installation, upgrade, maintenance, tuning and support of OS/390 and limited VM/VSE platform based CICS systems, spanning CICS releases from version 2.1.2 to Transaction Server version 1.3 on multiple IBM and Amdahl systems, both OS/390 and VM/VSE.  Supported 30+ MVS images, 100+ CICS regions on 22+ distinct customers, with most executing in a Sysplex environment.  Clients conducted business in finance, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, petroleum, marketing, as well as retail and wholesale enterprises.


·         Conceived, developed, implemented, and maintained a “hub” based CICS maintenance and version upgrade process to allow rapid deployment of software fixes and upgrades for all company customers utilizing a single DASD volume of runtimes from which all client systems can execute.

·         Saved the company over $400,000 in annual software cost by installing, configuring, and training customers on CA-SysView products while removing Candle Omegamon products as part of a team implementing the company’s Global Monitoring plan resulting in a personal monetary bonus.

·         Created, maintained, and incorporated assortment of tools, many of which based on mainframe shareware/freeware tools (CBTMODS), providing instruction and expertise on use and deployment to clients and fellow employees allowing enhanced productivity and rapid problem resolution.

·         Instructed client customers on use of Computer Associates software products, Candle Omegamon products, and Landmark TMON products including the installation, configuration, and daily problem determination and resolution of performance and problem issues.

·         Migrated diverse client mainframe environments into centralized data center environment using personally developed comprehensive set of tools along with skills and scripts to minimize disruption.



Immanuel Medical Center (now CHI-Alegent Health)                                                     1988 to 1995

Omaha, Nebraska


One of the most preferred healthcare systems in Nebraska with seven hospitals, 35 primary care physician offices, 100 outpatient service centers, more than 7,500 associates and 1,500 physicians


Systems Programmer/Technical Analyst

Responsible for the installation, upgrade, maintenance, tuning and support of MVS/XA and MVS/ESA operating systems, CICS, and NCP and assisting in the implementation of a Hughes wide area network involving local, remote, dial-up, and leased-line connections including Novell and Token Ring support.


·         Implemented multiple interfaces, creating LU62 protocol programs in support of healthcare compliant data transfer processes and other PC/LAN based programs and processes in support of medical transcripts.

·         Trained co-workers and outside consultants, assisting with their installations and software upgrades.

·         Provided network and interface support to other, dissimilar computer platforms.

·         Retained as a Part-Time/On-Call systems support provider for over 18 months after going to work for (i)Structure in 1995 due to personal knowledge of the operating system, interfaces, and software.



United States Air Force                                                                                               1977 to 1988


Senior Pilot and Aircraft Commander

Responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing the employment of a $130 million aircraft in support of national security objectives around the world.  Supervised and contributed directly to the safe accomplishment of countless missions, requiring effective management of up to 35 aircrew members in conjunction with a highly complex system operating within potentially hazardous environments. 





University of Southern California, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan                                           1987

Six Graduate hours within Management of Information Systems

United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO                                                      1977

BS Computer Science

USAFA Diploma





Brainbench                                                                                                                                 2004

Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS - Master Level Score) Certificate

CICS Certificate

Computer Technical Support Certificate (equivalent to CompTIA A+)

My MVS Master Certificate  My CICS Certificate  My Computer Technical Support Certificate

Computer Associates                                                                                                                2000

CA World Conference

Candle                                                                                                                                        1997

Solving Problems with Omegamon II for CICS, Solving Problems with Omegamon II for MVS

IBM                                                                                                                        1992, 1993, 1997

CICSPlex System Manager/ESA, CICS Technical Conference, DFSMS Implementation, DFSMS/MVS and MVS/ESA SP V4.3 Update for MVS System Programmers, IPCS for IMS, DB2 and CICS Users, MVS VSAM and Access Method Services, DFDSS Workshop, Maintenance Strategies for MVS and Subsystems, SMP/E Fundamentals, CICS Basic Tailoring for MVS Systems

Verhoef Information Packages                                                                                                 1997

JES3 for Operations

ACTS Corporation                                                                                                                     1997

OS/390 MVS/ESA Version 5 Differences

Circle Education                                                                                                                         1994

CICS/ESA Performance Tuning

American Research Group                                                                                                        1993

Hands-On Internetworking with TCP/IP: Design, Install and Maintain an Enterprise Wide Network

Science Research Associates (SRA)                                                                                        1990

CICS/VS Fundamentals, CICS/VS Command Level Coding Fundamentals (COBOL), CICS/VS Commands for Extended Functions (COBOL)

Air University                                                                                                                             1987

Squadron Officers School





·         Air Medals (4)

·         Air Force Commendation Medals (2)

·         Joint Meritorious Unit Award

·         Outstanding Unit Awards (2)

·         Organizational Excellence Award

·         Combat Readiness Medals (2)

·         Overseas Long Tour Award

·         National Defense Medal

·         Senior Pilot rating with 4300 hours of total flying time

·         Parachutist rating